About us

Canadian Tamil Aid is a fund established by the organization of TCCT (The Tamil Catholic Community of Toronto) for the sole purpose of helping the Tamils living in the northern and eastern parts of Sri Lanka.

TCCT is a social charitable christian organization established in 1989. Registered as a charitable organization with the province of Ontario, we have been at the forefront in helping the less fortunate people in Canada and Northern and Eastern parts of Sri Lanka.

We promote peace, love and harmony.

In keeping with our beliefs the services are rendered to all people regardless of race, religion, gender or ethnicity.

Guiding principles


Respect individuality
Establish ethical practice
Sustainable development
Promote independence
Empower communities
Contribute to long term solutions
Transparency and accountability

Delivery of services

We deliver our services through well established Non Governmental Organizations directly helping the people.

Past projects

Tsunami Relief
World Youth Day sponsor
Rebuilding and humanitarian assistance for the people of north and east.

Current project

The goal of the Canadian Tamil Aid program is to provide the basic needs of the internally displaced people in the northern and eastern parts of Sri Lanka. For this project we have partnered with HUDEC, Valvuthayam in the northern part and EHED in the eastern part to help the people in need.