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கனடிய தமிழர் நிவாரணம்
Our goal is to create a Better Life for the internally displaced people living in the northern and eastern parts of Sri Lanka. Your contribution to the Canadian Tamil Aid will help us accomplish this goal. Please make a generous donation to the Canadian Tamil Aid. You give them Hope of Living. Thank you in advance on behalf of all the internally displaced people for your gift!
If God is prompting you today - To help someone who has a need, Don't hesitate, the time is short; Tomorrow is not guaranteed! -  Sper

WHERE THERE'S HOPE, THERE'S HAPPINESS! Doing what's right today means no regrets tomorrow!
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Areas with internally displaced.
The Canadian Tamil Aid is a fund established under TCCT, a registered charitable organization with the province of Ontario.
The Fund Raising Event in October was a great success due to your generous contribution.
We thank you all for your "Trust & Hope in Giving".
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Over one million people are affected by the recent floods in the Eastern parts of Sri Lanka. Our brothers and sisters need our help in rebuilding there lives. Canadian Tamil Aid is partnering with Caritas EHED (EHED) in providing the much needed assistance.

Considering the vast devastation in the East, CTA has urgently via-transferred $3,500.00 to EHED to meet the immediate needs of the children.

Jude Aloysius
Chair, Canadian Tamil Aid.
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February 2011:
Provision of school stationaries for flood affected school children in the Batticaloa District, Sri Lanka!

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Proposed Budget
Proposed Budget
Payment Receipt
Payment Receipt
Focussing on the displaced people in North and East of Sri-Lanka CTA has identified the following projects to alleviate the suffering the less fortunate in these region which was affected by three years of civil war. This project is undertaken with the support of Sunflowers Furniture Management:

1. Critical Medical & Healthcare Needs - ‘VAIGARAI’ Project under the Good Shepherd of Vavuniya District:
Adolescent girls who were taken into custody during the civil war were handed over to the Good Shepherd nuns
for rehabilitation. They’re in dire need to uplift and empower their life.
2. Children’s Welfare & Rehabilitation - 500 Children in Vaddakachchi at St.Joseph’s Parish:
Activities include Disease & Disorder Awareness, Surgeries & Treatment, Counselling, Equipments and Facilities,
Clinical training and Medical Research.
3. English Language Education for Youth/Adults - Under the supervision of HUDEC (Caritas Kilinochchi):
Due to lack of suitable trained teachers, these children in Vanni are greatly disadvantaged compared
to the rest of the island.

At present we envisage raising funds up to $100,000 for the above critical needs of Vanni. Please find additional details about sponsorship for the above worthy cause in the attached sheet. We have arranged a Gala Event to be held on December 07, 2014 at Scarborough Convention Centre.


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Flyer with More Details
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